Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happened to

We are extremely sad to share with you that Blogger has closed down our Main Blog - "Olive Juice Studio" found at We apologize for this VERY unexpected inconvenience and any frustration it may have caused you trying to access our site. Believe me, we are just as frustrated, if not more!!! Blogger's spambot software accidentally flagged our blog as a SPAM SITE due to a sudden increase in traffic on June 1st and June 2nd and thus shutdown our entire blog. OJS is NOT a spam site -it's a craft site and we are actively trying to resolve this issue.

It has been nine full days now with no assistance from Blogger. We refuse to play the waiting game any longer and have decided that Blogger is NOT the blogging platform we want to work with any longer. We are currently in the process of setting up an official Olive Juice Studio website.

Until we can get someone from Blogger to review our blog manually to remove this error, we are unable to retrieve any of our content. We also have no way of contacting our followers/readers to let them know what is going on. If you know of anyone trying to access OJS PLEASE help us by spreading the word.
Our NEW website URL is:

Please help us out by telling your online friends that we have moved to a new location. If you would be so kind to post our new URL on your blog/website we would be forever grateful for your kindness!

We are still moving content to our new website and are just in the beginning phases of setting it up BUT you are more than welcome to stop by! Please overlook our mess during this "construction" period - We have very little "decor" at the moment but are digligently working on our new site -We have a lot of work to do! We are confident that OJS will be a much better site with more to offer in the near future.

Thank you so much for trying to find OJS! I sure miss seeing all of you!

Olive OJS followers, don't you?

x Kim

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY Craft Kit by Olive Juice Studio "Ode to a Love Bird Wall Art"

Funky, fresh, hip and a punch of retro all add up to an Olive Juice Studio original crafterpiece!  Delight in this beautiful piece of art by telling everyone, "I made it!"  OR purchase this wall hanging premade by the olives here in our lab!  (This kit includes everything but adhesive!)

DIY Craft Kit " Ode to a Love Bird Wall Art" - $19.99 (+ shipping)
Assembled by Olive Juice Studio - $24.99 (+ shipping)

Snowman Seed by Olive Juice Studio

Snowman Seed?  Yep, that's right!  This adorable little glass jar comes with a metal clasp closure and all the fixin's to "grow your own snowman."  It's absolutely the perfect way to send  the winter blues packing AND is a fabulous way to a great midwinter pick-me-up.  The price is so fantastically affordable that you can order one for yourself and anyone else you think could use some snowman cheer! 
$7.99 each (+ shipping)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

DIY Craft Kit: Vintage Olive Juice Studio Paper Wreath

So perfectly pretty and oh so divine!  This vintage chic paper wreath is sure to leave your guests in awe when you tell them you whipped it up in just an afternoon!

Order our kit for just $19.99 (+ shipping).  Each kit comes with all of the supplies needed to make this beauty!

Want us to make it  for you?  That's an option too!  We can customize the colors and theme to pretty much anything you request!  Customized wreaths start at $32.99 (+shipping)

DIY Cricut Cut Chicken Light Craft Kit

Wow! Thanks everyone! So many of you loved this light and have asked for it to be made available in a kit. So guess what? We now have it available in three diferent kit options in hopes of meeting everyone's crafting needs:

"Cut It Myself" is $23.99 (+shipping) We provide the paper, sizes and instructions - you simply do the cutting using ZooBalloo and Animal Kingdom.

Olive Juice Studio cuts the Cricut pieces for you but you assemble available for $25.99 (+shipping) - this is great for all of you that loved the light but don't have the cartridges!

Order it as an Olive Juice Studio original (assembled by us for you!) for just $32.99 (+shipping)

Like always, supplies are limited. We have enough for 25 kits so grab one while their available!

Email us at: for shipping details and to arrange payment!

Monday, December 14, 2009


You're going to be pleasantly surprised!  Be on the lookout for our new shop announcement!  While you're waiting you can still purchase our kits by contacting us at or by clicking on the link "Kits of the Month" which will take you to our exclusive kit line being sold at  We'll have a shopping cart service available soon right here on our blog!  Cool, huh?!
Thanks for stopping by! :)